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New special. Waive the join fee if you sign up by December 31!


SPECIAL: Sign up by December 31, 2012 and we'll waive the $75 initiation fee!

Looking for coaching options?  The Basic Package is a single 4-month plan to help you jump-start your season or bring you through an important phase of training based on your individual needs.  The Select Package provides monthly coaching plans for those who appreciate a more simple program.  Opt for the Premium Package if you would like a personalized coaching option with weekly training, flexible schedules, fully customized training, and high level of detail.  Finally, the Elite Package will provide everything the Premium Package offers, plus


Plans based on power, heart rate, and/or perceived exertion
Initial survey to fully understand the athlete and his or her goals

+ report

+ report
Monthly field assessments to determine training levels and set future training loads
+ report

+ report
TrainingPeaks account



Unlimited communication with a personal IAC coach

phone, email

phone, email
Weekly training programs, adjusted to fit your changing schedule, and account for weather, illness, and distractions    

Adjustable plans that can accommodate training camps, breaks, illness, and distractions    
Monthly training programs, adjusted to fit your time schedule and planned events  
Power and/or heart rate file analysis for selected tests and A-races  

In-depth file analysis for all races, all tests, and targeted workouts    
Custom workouts to eliminate weakness and reach optimum performance into the professional level      
Nutritional support and advice      
Waived initiation fee (*with 3 month minimum contract)

Cost per month

$225 per 4 months $85 + $75 initiation fee $125 + $75 initiation fee $175