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Impulse Athletic Coaching's philosophy is simple: a commitment to detailed, long-term growth and the success of our athletes. Impulse strives to help you reach your goals, while keeping a balanced lifestyle that is not overbearing. With a high attention to detail, IAC will analyze prior workouts, prescribe new workouts, and track each athlete's development to ensure long-term success. For those looking to compete, being coached is more than just a thorough training plan. Impulse can provide assistance on technique and strategy necessary for winning or achieving a personal best in races.

Progress is quantified not only by the results of next weekend, but also by the sustained growth through the season and over many years. Impulse will help you set and achieve your objectives, ensuring both short- and long-term success. In essence, Impulse believes that developing a training program that fully considers yearly progress allows an athlete to reach more highly developed fitness levels in a shorter time.

Impulse Athletic Coaching also believes that specificity is important to maximizing gains with limited training time. To ensure peak performance, modern periodization techniques are implemented throughout the year. Prescribed workouts are often challenging, putting the focus on training specific muscle and energy systems. The less time an athlete has for training, the more specific the training will be toward meeting the demands of goal events. Athletes who are able to dedicate more time to training will be able to address limiting factors even more thoroughly while building an extraordinary level of fitness.