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Impulse Athletic Coaching began with the goal of bringing affordable training plans and interactive coaching to everyone. Impulse is committed to detailed, long-term growth and the success of our athletes. We strive to help you set and reach your goals, while maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a coach, IAC can provide the necessary motivation, support, and knowledge required to help you reach new levels of performance.

James Pradun started coaching with Vision Quest Coaching in Chicago, IL, under Robbie Ventura, former professional cyclist. After VQ, he began working with collegiate-level athletes as the founder of the University of Illinois-Chicago Cycling and Triathlon team, and was honored to have the renowned Dr. Jonathan Dugas onboard as a team advisor. James now works with male and female athletes of all abilities, from the novice rider, masters athlete, collegiate nationals riders, and Pro/1/2 level riders.